Wednesday, October 15, 2008

MIA because of the Craft Show!

My friend Brenda and I did our first craft show this weekend. We had a great time! But can I tell you, it is A LOT of work. I think the key is preparing MONTHS in advance.

So, the Friday we have to set up (which was my Aly's 14th bday) I am in a hurry to load up and meet Brenda, that I miss the last step and twist my ankle so bad. I had to go get x-rays and thank God, just a bad sprain. BUT that meant Brenda and her daughter Ashley had to set up. They did a great job. Even with my limited help, we did very well. Thanks to all that inspired us- for sure the popcorn pulls, candy bar pulls and gift card holders were the top sellers. Brenda sold ALL of her Holloween cards- they were fabulous!

Going to attempt to get back on the blogging scene!

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