Friday, January 23, 2009

Archivers Find

My friend Kristin came in to town from Kansas this weekend. So Brenda, Terri, Kristin, and Lori went to Archivers for Scrapmania. NORMALLY we never get anything done, but for some strange reason, we were productive during all of our chatting! This was one of those "peer pressure" projects! Terri made one, and that's all it took! One by one we all RAN and got one... then 2, then 3 and even 4! We all realized what a great gift this would make for mother's day. We got the little rub on letters from the Hot Spot section! It was a "community" set. I think we ALL got to use the letters to do our names.


Shannon said...

This is a great gift idea! And I was just there tonight too....might have to go back this weekend now. TFS!!!

Lisa Phillippi said...

I have never been to Archivers, nearest one is in Austin,TX...about an hour away...might have to make a trip soon. TFS

Becky said...

Great idea.